·Management Concept

  Suzhou, the new Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the town of Suzhou Citystraight Airport Road. The company imports all using high precision automated manufacturing equipment, specializing in the production of plastic implants, nuts, rivets, aluminum regulation, computer Shaft and computer cooling fans bushings, and other electronic information category precision metal parts. Nut products are mainly copper, copper screws, Copper Cylinder, rivets, computer and computer cooling fans rotating shaft bushings, aluminum regulation] [such as a voice coil governance. Products apply to: electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mobile phones and other communications equipment industry.
Company since its inception, has launched production of high-precision equipment and advanced production techniques, and regular staff 7S, PDCA quality control, ISO basic knowledge training, to guide GP environmental knowledge, the EU ROHS Directive, and staff will grow with the company.
  Years of experience so that we know that "Quality is the life of enterprises." To achieve the objective of high-quality production, the company established a fine machine room, add some high-precision reliable testing equipment, the product of the size and physical properties of a more sophisticated experimental measurement, and summed up a set of effective the Office of quality security system, in the production process every step of continuous measurement determined, the amendment to ensure the accuracy of the production sectors, to achieve zero defects purposes.
   "Your back yard is our vestibular", the new company, to offer you not only high-quality components, a more long-term customers and maintain close technical cooperation, the development of products to provide customers samples of the necessary works fast service, which will allow you to feel we like your company"s parts and components production workshop.

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